Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Importance of Safety Plans in the Event of Richmond Hill Water Damage

Major storms can have a devastating impact on suburban communities, and one of the most common problems comes in the form of water damage to both interiors and exteriors of homes.

Different storms can have different effects, warnings, and safety precautions, so you should take care to have multiple plans in place to weather or escape an impending storm so that property damage does not translate to bodily damage.

Have a Reliable Vehicle, but Don't Be Afraid to Lose It 

In the event of a major storm or flood, having a reliable vehicle can be both a blessing and a curse for avoiding water damage in Richmond Hill. Vehicles can help to escape unsafe conditions or floods at home or workplaces, and help their occupants to reach higher ground without being exposed to the elements. However, vehicles may also be caught in floodwaters in low points on the road, and a driver should be ready to bail and abandon the vehicle should it encounter floodwaters. Ideally, you should avoid driving through any portion of a road where water is flowing over it, even if it appears shallow; water levels can rise quickly in a storm.

Designate Rooms Downstairs and Upstairs for Shelter 

Having shelter rooms both upstairs and downstairs can provide safety from both structural damage and raging floodwaters. The best rooms for this purpose are often bathrooms, although other rooms near the center of the structure will often do nicely. Analyze weather reports and flood warnings before you make a decision as to which you should hole up in.

Have Somewhere on High Ground to Meet 

If flooding near your home is getting serious, you should have a designated location where you and loved ones can meet up. This location can be a public place, a friend's home, or anywhere else, but ideally, it will provide shelter in the storm and be on high ground, away from a water source. Proper planning is key, so memorizing the address and routes to get there can be well worth your while.

In the event of a storm, flood, or other disaster, you can count on SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties to provide quality repair and restoration service on a 24/7 timetable. Call us at (912) 445-5190 for assistance or advice related to any form of home damage you may have.

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